Before and After

At times like these I try,
To mend it all inside,
By my own I keep falling down aside.

When my worlds collide,
Feel like giving up the fight,
Surrounded by the dark I try to hide.

You are near me now,
You are dear to me,
You are all I need,
You’re everything to me.

The scarlet snow turns white,
All the stains are made bright,
So take my hand and show me the way.

The crimson rose nailed tight,
Forgiven, now I know why,
I’ll put my cross now, I’m here to stay.

Never leave my side,
Precious one of mine,
I’ll give you all of me,
I am yours to keep.

Remind me of the times,
Your gracious plans are made right,
In my life you restore my faith.

When things seemed to have gone wrong,
I’ll put my trust in you,
Magnify your faithfulness.

Fill me with your love,
Find myself in you,
And I will follow you,
Jesus Christ my Lord, my Lord.

– Danny

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