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Mar 15, 2009

Google Analytics: Does 301/302 Redirect Preserve Referrer Information?

In case you’re wondering whether 301 redirects preserve the referrer information or not and how this may affect Google Analytic’s referrer information, I’ll show you a simple example.

So pretty much what I did was I did a Google search for clothes and found some ads on the right hand side. I used firebug to extract the destination URL as I didn’t want to inflate their costs because I’m just doing an example. What I look for are obvious tracking URLs that track and monitor search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns such as DART (Double Click).

You can also figure this one out by seeing the domain of the URL. If this is different to the display URL, most likely this is a tracking URL because Google Adwords has enforced the policy that the destination and display URL must be the same (it’s ok to use tracking URLs though as long as you land on the same domain as the display URL).


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Mar 7, 2009

Google Analytics: Adding True Search Query Terms Using Advanced Filters

In Google Analytics keywords report, you can only segment the keywords by total, paid and non-paid, which pretty much means total, non-cpc and cpc. Also in the keywords report, whenever someone arrives to your website via a cpc medium such as Google Adwords, it will only report the keyword matched in your adgroup keyword list, but not the true search query the visitor typed in.

With a little help of Google Analytics’ custom advanced filters, you’re able to show in your reports what the true search query was and segment it by mediums.

search query report

The screenshot above is an example of how the report will look like after the filters are applied. As you can see, within the brackets is the true search query used on search engines and other shopping portals (i.e. Lasoo,, Shopbot). Of course this example doesn’t show any cpc medium because I don’t run any cpc campaigns. Sponsor me and I will :)

This is pretty handy to see on your reports because now you’re able to segment your keywords by medium as well. Of course you could probably use advanced segments to do this but this incorporates true search query and segmentation at the same time.

So the first step I would recommend is to make sure you set up a test profile. You can skip this part and work on your main profile if you like.

To do so, go to your analytics overview dashboard and click on Add Website Profile. Make sure you select the Add a Profile to an existing domain and from the drop down menu, select your website domain.

new website profile

You can name it test profile or whatever you like as long as you know it’s a test profile. Pretty much this is your hack and abuse profile where you do experiments and tests on it so that it doesn’t affect your main profile’s reports. Once you’re happy it’s working correctly, you can move your filters etc. to your main profile.

Now the next step is to determine your regular expression to extract search query terms from your referral URLs.

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Mar 4, 2009

Feedburner Email Subscription Request Problem

If you’ve ever come across an error saying something like “the feed does not have subscription by email enabled” on your feedburner email subscription form, then you’re in luck because I may have the solution to this problem (thanks to Paulo for pointing out this problem to me).

First of all, something you should know is that Google has migrated their feedburner services to the Google domain now which means you’re able to sign in with your Google account now (which I imagine they will do the same for youtube soon). If you haven’t migrated it over, you will be prompted to the next time you sign in.

feedburner email subscription management

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll have to make sure that your feedburner email subscription settings is enabled.

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Feb 28, 2009

New WordPress Theme Launched!

Ok, I’ve finally managed to spend a good portion of my Saturday evening tweaking, testing and configuring this new theme locally. Seems like I’ve ironed out most of the bugs I encountered earlier and viola, this theme is finally live!

Since I couldn’t be bothered hacking the social bookmarking plugin using jQuery, I decided to look for a plugin that uses jQuery already. SocioFluid is a great social bookmarking plugin that uses jQuery. It has a cool feature which is similar to your navigational bar on mac computers.

I’ve also added adsense in the header and within the posts in hopes of generating some dollars from this website, but mainly to try it out and see what it is capable of since I’m working in the search industry. It’d be quite a handy piece of knowledge to have and master :)

There are also 4 125×125 banner ads available for advertising, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested. Most likely I’ll charge a flat rate rather than CPM/CPC models as I couldn’t be bothered going through tracking systems.

If you do encounter some strange or unexpected behaviours on the site, please let me know and I’ll fix it. Obviously I’m unable to go through each post and make sure they all look correct.

Tell me what do you guys think. Is it better? Worse?

Better I hope :)

Feb 24, 2009

New WordPress Theme Coming Soon

Wordpress Screenshot

Above is the new theme I’m working on to integrate with my current setup. The theme is called epsilon by web2feel. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up by the end of the week.

It utilises jQuery which causes conflict with the social bookmarking plugin which uses the Prototype framework. I might have to write my own plugin or modify the plugin to integrate it with jQuery. Haven’t had much experience with jQuery but it seems to be a popular javascript framework. Would be a good chance to learn it.

Also this template seems to seamlessly integrate Google Adsense into it, which is something I’ve been meaning to play around with more but haven’t had the time.


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