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I Got My Economic Stimulus Package

I finally got my tax bonus payment from the government last week via direct deposit. Unfortunately, as soon as I got it, I had to use it to pay for the car registration, insurance and service.

Haha, what luck. Didn’t even get to spend it on myself. Oh well, I’m sure that “stimulated” the economy.


Remember guys, as long as you are eligible, your payment should come by the 16th of May either via cheque or direct deposit, depending on how you received your tax return payment last financial year.

If you used a tax agent to lodge your tax return last financial year, you should check with your tax agent whether the payment is with your tax agent. Also make sure your bank details and address are up to date with the ATO.

If you still haven’t received payment by the 16th of May, you should call 1300 686 636 and the ATO may be able to help you if you are eligible.

It’d be interesting to find out how you spent your tax bonus payment.

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