iPhone Pricing in Australia

With only 3 days to go till the official launch of Apple iPhone, two telco companies, Optus and Telstra have so far released their official pricing and plans while Vodafone still remains a mystery.

The official Optus iPhone pricing and plans shows that the 8GB iPhone (black) will sell for $729 while the 16GB iPhone (Black & White) will sell for $849 outright for pre-paid customers. For post-paid customers, you will only be able to get the 8GB iPhone for free on a $79 cap plan (24 month contract) and the 16GB iPhone for free on a $89 cap plan (24 month contract).

As for Telstra, the iPhone 3G price revealed that you will be able to get 8GB iPhone for as little as $279 and the 16GB iPhone for $399 on a monthly $30 plan (24 month contract).

Vodafone have yet to reveal their prices for the long awaited iPhone while 3 have launched an online petition begging for Apple to give them a slice of the cake.

In America, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 8GB model will be available for $199 and the 16GB model for $299 with the condition of a 2 year contract with AT&T .

With such a huge demand for this truly elegant device, I wonder how many people realise or know about the data usage of it and whether it will be feasible with the data plans the telcos are offering. Don’t be surprised with your first bill if you rack up on data charges with the 3G capability of surfing the net, checking your email and using the GPS.

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