Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Optimisation Really Works!

I’ve had this domain for less than 3 months now and I’ve been testing how fast I can get in the 1st page of Google and Yahoo’s search engine results page (SERP) for the term “danny ng”.

As of today, my blog is ranked #7 on Google AU and #5 on Google US. On Yahoo AU and Yahoo US, I’m ranked #1. Not bad ay?

Next step is trying to get my PageRank up. It remains 0 at the moment. I should blog more but I’ve been a lazy bum hehe.

There’s a lot of things I want to do with javascript, but haven’t found time yet juggling a job, a girlfriend, a social life and so on.

I will probably write a post on where do you draw the line between search engine optimisation (seo) and usability in the future. Frustrates me when deciding whether to neglect usability for the sake of seo.

Google US

Yahoo US

Google AU

Yahoo AU


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