My 1999 Honda Civic EM1 Vti-R

Sorry guys haven’t been updating my blog recently. Been busy with my car pretty much hehe.

Just spent $230 yesterday at Supercheap Auto buying floor mats, car cover, turtle wax shampoo, lamb wool mittens, microfiber polishing cloth, meguire’s clay bar, meguire’s quick detailer and meguire’s wax. So yeah, I’m quite broke now! I’ve still yet to transfer the registration and pay the stamp duty! :(

So yeah, been pretty engrossed in it. Have washed and vacuumed my car yesterday and spent some time washing under the hood and applying some tyre shine to my tyres. Will need to find some time doing the clay bar thingy and waxing it. Is gonna be slick looking!

But yeah, some pictures below :)

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