Aug 14, 2006

My new apartment

I’ve recently moved out to my new place in Redfern. Tony calls our place the ‘Playa Pad’. This is the view of the ever busy Cleveland street outside my room window.

My recently furnished room. As you can see, there isn’t a lot of head room from my bed to the ceiling. Can’t sit down on my bed with my back straight without hitting the wall. The first night I slept there, I woke up smacking my head on the ceiling. I’ve gotten accustomed to it now after 3 weeks.

The upper level bathroom is just ridiculously massive. I think I only use half of the space. Could probably have a dance party going on in the bathrooms.

Now going downstairs. Our entrance where a fooze table greets its guests, inviting them to a game of football with the twisting and flicking of wrists.

The living area and to the right (chopped off) is our kitchen area with another bathroom.

Lastly I’ll finish off with our beloved bar fridge and our liquor shelf. Try to spot Mr. Daniels!

Aug 14, 2006

$7000 prayer

So I went back to my parent’s place to have dinner with the family for my brother’s farewell as he’s going to China for 6 months. Saw an envelope addressed to ‘Danny Ng’, with red, blue and white borders. Opened it and out came two sheets of paper. First one informed me that my scholarship application for the academic year 2005 had been granted. Second one was a check for US$7000.

Sweet! Another prayer answered. Thank you God. :)

Aug 14, 2006

23 years and two crabs later…

Seems like all I do these days is attend birthday parties. There appears to be seasons where trains of birthdays come steaming through, pulling along with it empty carriages waiting to be filled up by presents. My wallet never seemed emptier these days. Parents stop mating at the same time please! Well last Tuesday was Tony’s (my housemate) 23rd birthday and he decided to celebrate quietly by shouting us dinner at Harry’s Chilli Crab (Singaporean place) with the household and his woman. As you can see from the picture above, Tony has recently acquired the love for the taste of Tiger beer. “Smooooooth…” he says.

That’s Lian Shi (my other housemate), Tony and myself.

The household and Anna (left).

Thought we’d do some poses with the crabs before we devoured them completely beyond recognition. Pretty massive crabs if you ask me.

After a massive dinner with chilli crab, black pepper crab, sambal chicken, pipi’s and fried rice, we headed back home to have some black forest cake which is Tony’s favourite. Pretty funny how Lian Shi managed to get him the cake and Anna somehow couldn’t get a blackforest cake as it was sold out where she bought it.

Before going out to Tony’s dinner, was playing soccer for 1.5 hours and then went to uni pub for some drinks with friends. This week seems like a week full of alcomohol. Went whiskey tasting the next day.

Jameson, Jameson 12 years, Glenlivet 12 years, Chivas Regal 12 years, Wild Turkey and Wild Turkey Rare Breed. After whiskey tasting, ended up in a pub with friends at Capitol Square for the next 3.5 hours. $5 pints for James Squire Golden ale! I really should give my kidney a rest the next couple of weeks.

Aug 11, 2006

In Your Name

It was that time,
When I went mine mine mine,
without you in my whole life,

Now looking back,
At all the silly things that I regret,
Now you’re with me,
Show me the way, let your will be done,

It’s your love that satisfies,
No other, that makes me smile,
Compel us, with the love of Christ,
In your name, in your name, in your name.

I stand here before you,
Obedience is your delight,
In your name I will,
Tell everyone what you’ve done in my life.


Aug 3, 2006

Bavarian Birthday

Went to the Bavarian Cafè on York street last Saturday to celebrate Darran’s 21st. As I walked in to the rather posh tavern, I soon realised they served German beer! Straight away I headed for my 500mL glass of German draught. I had no idea what they were called as I could hardly even pronounce their beer selections. Was also great to see the RF (Radio Frequency) crew that survived Godfrey Lucas again last semester! Oh what grand memories I have of our so called 3 hour labs which we ended up spending 6 hours or so every Thursday. Most of the time it was filled with mischief and socialising rather than doing work while Lauren did all the work, making sure all the lab results were attained accurately and doing her research into the theory. Thanks a bunch Lauren, you pulled us through!

Was also great to see Lauren’s sister, Rachael, all the way from California. Over the last semester, Lauren had been updating Richie and myself on how hot her sister was and that all of her friends say to her, “So what’s up with your sister, Lauren?”. Was kind of hilarious meeting Rachael for the first time, as it seems that I’ve known her for a long time already through Lauren’s stories.

Hours passed as we recalled funny stories from last semester and caught up with each other over what we all did during our holidays. The German draught tasted divine each time I held it up 45 degrees over my mouth. I think Darran would’ve been close to being pretty drunk by now.

As the night beckoned and the Bavarian closing up, we headed to Oxford street to shake our bon-bons. As we were driving there, there was a drunk girl in a blue dress with her right boobs hanging out, crossing the road with the aid of her friends. I guess her friends were also too drunk to notice her mishap. Funny how Lauren’s analytical eye spotted it first and was more excited than anyone else when she gestured to us what had happened. She even insisted that I take a picture! I didn’t though. The dance floor wasn’t too great where we were at. Darran just kept on drinking and we managed to meet up with Isabelle and Andrew. Too bad Andrew was driving, else he would’ve had a scotch and coke in his hands.

Lauren, Rachael, Richie and myself decided to leave the scene and venture elsewhere to find a nice place to boogie. Since we were in Oxford street, we were right in the heart of Sodom & Gomorrah. Richie and myself avoided gay bars/clubs, although the flamboyant venues seemed pumping with long queues. If we did end up in one, Lauren and Rachael would’ve had to “cock-block” for us all night long.

We finally ended up in Brooklyn Hotel on George street after deciding on Richie’s recommendation. By that time, the German draughts were wearing off and I had to get a couple of bourbons in me to get the grooves going. Music was better there and the floor was packed with perspiration! Went straight to the heart of the floor and started strutting our moves to the beat. You wouldn’t think we were nerdy engineers then, hehe. Lauren and Rachael made us Rich and I look good as there were quite a few random guys on the floor trying to dance with them. Couple of hours later, it was nearly 4am and was time to hit the sack.

Had a fantastic Saturday night with engineering mates and wish we could do it again! Next day my entire body was sore and tired. Guess I really need to exercise more. Just thought I’d end this post with a picture which I think why Darran chose the Bavarian Cafè to have his 21st.

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