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May 24, 2009

My 1999 Honda Civic EM1 Vti-R

Sorry guys haven’t been updating my blog recently. Been busy with my car pretty much hehe.

Just spent $230 yesterday at Supercheap Auto buying floor mats, car cover, turtle wax shampoo, lamb wool mittens, microfiber polishing cloth, meguire’s clay bar, meguire’s quick detailer and meguire’s wax. So yeah, I’m quite broke now! I’ve still yet to transfer the registration and pay the stamp duty! :(

So yeah, been pretty engrossed in it. Have washed and vacuumed my car yesterday and spent some time washing under the hood and applying some tyre shine to my tyres. Will need to find some time doing the clay bar thingy and waxing it. Is gonna be slick looking!

But yeah, some pictures below :)

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May 17, 2009

The Hunt Is Over!

Finally I’ve found a car to buy! Drove all the way to Gosford today with a couple of mates to inspect a green ’99 Honda Civic EM1.

It’s green in colour with gold pearls and has a black bonnet. Good paint work, fresh tyres and uses Royal Purple engine oil. Car is mechanically great as well as good looking exterior and interior. Had my friends take a look under the car and lucky the seller is a mechanic himself so I would know he’s taken good care of the car.

So now I’ve got to arrange bank cheques tomorrow and take a train all the way to Gosford to get the car and do the paper work. Going to be  a long night tomorrow and hopefully a car owner!

Man it’s been a hectic 2 weeks ever since I started looking for a car. Non-stop searching cars online and on forums. It’s pretty time consuming since I’ve pretty much used most of my spare time available looking for cars, doing research and contacting people for a car inspection.

Finally I can have a life again.

I’ll post up some tips and guides later to buying used car from private sellers. Very valuable information I’ve attained over the past short but intense 2 weeks. Hopefully you guys will find it helpful.

May 4, 2009

Car Hunting – It’s a Pain In The Butt

Ok, I now realise I really need a car.

Public transport takes me a good 1 hour to get into the city during the weekdays and probably close to 1.5 hours on weekends.

I really try to avoid taking public transport on the weekend after spending 10 hours on it already during the weekdays. Unfortunately I don’t live near a train station so I can’t just walk to the nearest one. Nearest one is an hours walk. I’ve tried it before.


I’m on a quest to get myself an awesome car under $10,000 and under 100,000km, drive away no more to pay unless it’s an extremely good deal.

Cars in the pipeline:

  • Honda Civic Vtec
  • Honda Integra Vti-R
  • Nissan 180sx
  • Nissan Silvia

If you’re an Asian, you may ask, “Why not a Toyota?”. Well, I’ve pretty much spent more than half of my life growing up with a Toyota Camry. Yes, my family has 3 Toyota Camry’s. Yes, they’re very reliable and retain good resale value. But yeah, I’m bored of it. That’s all. Time for a change.

Hey, I’m still sticking with Japanese right? Honda. Nissan?

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