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Apr 1, 2009

Australia’s Economic Stimulus Package – Tax Bonus for Minors, Children, Students under 18

I’ve recently written a post on the details of the economic stimulus package and the eligibility of it. Something I didn’t cover which I would assume a lot of parents would be wondering was whether your child who is a minor (under 18 years old) is eligible for this as well.

Well, I’ve saved you the trouble and done some research so hopefully this will answer your question.

The ATO website states that if you were a minor (under 18) at 30 June 2008 (end of last financial year), your child may be eligible if

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Mar 5, 2009

Australia’s Economic Stimulus Package – Tax Bonus Payment

The Rudd government signed off on a $42 billion dollar stimulus package in February 2009 with hopes of reviving and encouraging long term economic growth in Australia.

In the wake of a global recession, Australian tax payers will be getting a tax bonus payment from the government to help struggling low to middle income earners as well as encourage spending to get the economy flowing again. It is no surprise that everyone has decreased if not stopped spending with massive retrenchments happening globally and nationwide. Job uncertainty is definitely in the fore front of our minds.

New businesses are slow to come by and even managers have strict budgets to follow and are reluctant on committing to long term spending. This downward spiral is expected to continue throughout 2009 and many fear the worst is yet to come.

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Dec 15, 2008

Oil prices continue to spiral downwards

For some reason I’m quite intrigued by the oil prices and how the economy reacts to it.

From my previous posts on oil price fluctuations, you can see that it was during mid July this year that prices peaked at US$147.50 per barrel. The current oil prices are below US$50 per barrel now, at US$48.77 per barrel.

That’s a great whopping one third drop in price in just under 6 months. I was filling up my car with petrol yesterday and I’m amazed to see the dollar meter going up at a much slower pace.

Heck, I’m even astounded that I got more liters than the dollars I’m paying for. I’ve noticed in Sydney, oil prices have cracked below the A$1 per liter mark. I think the last time we saw this was a few years ago.

It is speculated that the demand for oil will continue to fall as the economy is still crashing with unemployment rates rising and spend decreasing due to confidence levels.

Let’s hope the Arabs (OPEC) don’t cut production too much to the point that oil prices rise again despite the failing economy. Their black gold glory have come to an end.

For now anyways.

Oct 8, 2008

Economic Turmoil in the US and Australia

I’m very upset at the Australian dollar plummeting in a blink of an eye. From reaching heights of US$0.98 in July to now closing just below US$0.68, the Australian dollar has lost 30% in value in under 3 months.

Imagine if you’ve invested $1 million into the US dollar few months ago and sold out now? You’d make the quickest $300,000 gross you’d ever imagine.

What does that mean for people like me? It means it is now more expensive to travel overseas and purchasing overseas goods. With the price of oil dropping to around US$90 per barrel, I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in local petrol prices and also airfares. That really sucks as I’m planning to travel overseas early next year.

I’m sure there’s news all over with blazing headlines on how the global markets are following the US path as confidence of investors spiral downwards and selling off whatever they can to salvage what’s left.

Sure you’ve heard of all the sweet news of the US government bailing out companies such as Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae and AIG. I suppose this is to impart confidence into investors to not go into a selling frenzy and add further momentum to the downward freight train.

Rumours have emerged that Richard Fuld, Lehmann Brothers’ CEO tipped the economic landslide with the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers. But I guess he has no problems with his healthy $300 million in bonuses over the last 8 years. Apparently he feels horrible.

Yet despite these events, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company, has bought a $5 billion stake in Goldman Sachs, another ailing investment bank.

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