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Jul 11, 2010

Fishing at Burraneer

Hi guys,

Just a quick update. Went fishing again last week with the boys at Kirkplace :D

Caught a stingray!

Bait I used? Live worms. Yep, I actually cut up the worms while it was still squirming around and threaded it through my hook. It was weird though. We were about to move our spot on the boat when I just decided to reel my line in, thinking I didn’t catch anything since I didn’t feel any bites.

While reeling it in, it just felt heavy. I thought I caught onto some rocks or something. Suddenly my rod bent downwards like crazy and I was like “Whoa!”. Lucky I brought my net otherwise I would’ve lost it as my line wouldn’t have managed that weight.

First time I’ve ever caught a stingray and I didn’t know what to do with it – no idea how to cook stingray. Would be awesome if I knew how to cook it Malaysian style. So I just cut the line and let it go, for it to live to see another day.

Was a crazy day. My friend Steve reeled in a crab using a fishing rod (what the?). Haha, too bad we didn’t get the net out in time and it let go of the bait.

May 17, 2010

Mooney Mooney Fishing Trip

Just thought I’d share some photos from my weekend. Went to Mooney Mooney to fish at the Hawkesbury river. Hired a boat with one of my mates, Rich.

Fishing trip

Fishing trip

Beautiful weather on the Saturday. Bright sunny day with blue skies. Perfect conditions for relaxing. Caught a whole bunch of fishes: silver bream, snapper, flat head, tailor and a mulloway (pictured). Funny that I caught a variety.

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Apr 18, 2009

Easter with Hong Yi

It’s amazing how time flies. Easter is a very special period for me, not just only that Jesus was crucified and raised again, but it was when Hong Yi and I officially became a pair.

Two years ago on April the 6th, I remember flying down to Melbourne and I was supposed to meet up with her that night for dinner. Unfortunately my auntie (mum’s friend) ran into car problems which meant I was late getting picked up and I was staying with my auntie out in the suburbs. Hong Yi was staying at La Trobe street then.

It was only the next day that I got the chance to finally meeting her after not seeing her for almost 3 months and that very night we made it official. So yeah…two years later.

Our relationship is an interesting one. We started long distance and have been long distance ever since. I do get a lot of questions about how I manage to sustain a long distance relationship. Let me tell you this: distance makes the heart grow fonder. There are pros & cons but I guess we usually don’t take each other for granted when we meet up.

Anyways, not here to talk about the relationship. So here are some photos of what we did!

Fish Markets

Hong Yi has been been quite upset at me for not taking her to the fish markets despite her visiting Sydney several times already. If you don’t already know, she’s a fan of food. So is her mum, a food-blogger!

So after many verbal beatings from her, we finally made our trip to the fish markets!

Fish markets is famous for seafood, for obvious reasons. You can get really fresh fishes, oysters, lobsters and much more at affordable price. Hong Yi said her family would’ve loved the fish markets!

I would recommend getting there first thing in the morning as the stuff is the freshest then. Parking is not cheap over there so I wouldn’t recommend staying for more than 2 hours.

One of the must foods you must try over there is the fresh raw salmon, tuna, swordfish and oysters. The oysters are brought in fresh from the morning’s catch and you can see people cutting open the shell and washing it. When we squeezed lemon juice onto it, it even squirmed around a little! I think Hong Yi was grossed out by it so she let me eat most of the oysters hehe. We also had half a lobster with chips and salad.

If you’re having your meal outside, be very wary of the seagulls. I remember I was having my salmon and tuna outside last time and there were 2 big pieces of tuna. When I was looking away, a seagull dived down and snatched one of the tuna pieces which got me really angry at the bird as there were only 2 pieces and I love raw tuna!

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