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Oct 21, 2007

Apple goes Open Source

Finally the fruit goes open source.

I was leaning more towards getting an iPod Nano but now with Apple about to release a software development kit (SDK), I’m seriously considering the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch uses the same underlying architecture as the iPhone, which will be the first to have its software go open source.

What this means is that you can now have your favourite softwares installed onto your device. Word, Excel, Skype, Firefox and others will be available. I’m pretty sure someone will develop those softwares.

The iPod Touch comes at a hefty price though. $419 for the 8gb, and $549 for the 16gb whereas the Nano comes at $199 for the 4gb, and $279 for the 8gb.

Perhaps I should just wait till the price drops.

Oct 15, 2007

iPod Dilemma

I’m meant to be doing my thesis (which is due in 2 weeks!) but this sudden urge to get a mp3 player has crept up. Usually I’m not an avid fan of apple products because

  1. Their new products usually have defects and problems. It only gets fixed after several revisions and complaints from the consumers.
  2. Apple’s extended warranty is so expensive but so essential as you’re bound to get tangled with battery, hard drive and display problems.
  3. Apple products and accessories are so proprietary oriented. I love open source.
  4. I once owned a mini ipod and I totally hated it. Had a lot of battery and hard drive issues. It got stolen when my car got broken into. I was glad the mini ipod was stolen and upset that my car window got smashed.

So why am I still considering the iPod Touch and iPod Nano? Well, I must admit that I really do like their design and interface. Pretty cool. Just bad hardwares. There aren’t any decent competitors out there as well. If there are, I’d definitely go buy them over Apple to help topple Apple from their reign over the mp3 player market.

So what’s the verdict? iPod Nano has been out in the market for some time now which means the hardware and software would’ve been improved and hence more stable. The new design looks pretty cool as well.

iPod Touch looks sexily awesome. Big display screen. Very thin body. Downside? New product. I smell disappointment. Also with new products come bigger price tags and the older products get cheaper.

The nano looks slightly promising at the moment.

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