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Google Analytics Individual Qualification Tips – I Just Passed My Test

GAIQ Result

I just passed my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test today and scored 94%! Not bad eh? The passing score is 75%. So thought I’d post some tips here while the exam questions are still fresh in my mind.

You have 2 hours to complete the exam (more than enough) and there’s 70 questions that consist of multiple choice, true/false and select all that applies type questions. Basically the trickiest one I found was the select all that applies type questions.

Materials To Go Through – Conversion University

Before you start the GAIQ exam, make sure you go through the materials at Google’s conversion university – especially the ones that you don’t know much about. I didn’t go through all of them, just the ones I thought would be handy to refresh myself with.

The ones that I think will be handy are:

Knowledge To Learn

In my opinion, these are some of the things you should’ve had some experience implementing before doing the test. If you haven’t, go play around with it!

  • E-Commerce Tracking (addTrans, addItem methods)
  • Cross Domain / Sub-Domain Tracking (link, linkByPost, setDomainName, setAllowLinker, setAllowHash methods)
  • Goal Setup (note: Multiple same goal conversions within a session are unique)
  • Profile Setup (note: What are the benefits of creating more than 1 profile? What can/can’t you do with profiles?)
  • Filter Setup (predefined, include/exclude, search & replace and custom – advanced)
  • Integration with Google Adwords (cost data import, auto-tagging)
  • Google Analytics interface (reports, user/filter management)
  • Regular Expression (note: You don’t have to be a pro, but it definitely helps)
  • Cookies (note: Google uses first-party cookies and you cannot identify an individual through it)

Handy Links

Here are some handy links that you should have open during the test:

Adwords Information

Google has announced that Adwords advertisers now need to link their Google Analytics together to ensure that Google Analytics will pick up Adwords traffic (google/cpc) or else it will show up as direct (direct/none) traffic. Stupid I know. We’re still having debates in the GAAC forums. [Note: This has been updated. See my post on ‘Update to Adwords Cost Data Import‘.]

Once linked, you’ll need to go to Analytics’ profile settings and check the apply cost data import check-box to ensure that Google Analytics imports cost data from Adwords (if auto-tagging is enabled).

In the exam, you’ll need to know what’s the purpose of auto-tagging and manual tagging. What happens if you don’t have auto-tagging on and what are the reasons you’d want to go manual tagging instead?


I hope this information helps guide you in preparation for the exam. It isn’t overly difficult so long as you’ve had sufficient experience with Google Analytics and brush up on the things you’re not knowledgable on.

Good luck and let me know how you go :)


  1. Took and passed the test last night after reading this post. The pass mark is now 80%. There are a lot of online resources to help but the “select all that apply” questions make it very hard to get full marks.

  2. great info Danny, thanks.. i finished nearly all cases on conversion uni about analytics, after searching some more, hope will pass the test..

  3. Wow, I got almost all e-commerce questions. Not exactly my specialty but I did learn a lot in the process. I do have to say having the videos go through the information before hand definitely saved my @#$. Thanks for the tips.


  4. Hi Danny. Very helpful info. One thing, though – they give you 90 minutes, not two hours. Still plenty of time. I passed with a 91%, and I have very limited practical experience, just went through Conversion University.

  5. Congratulations. I got 96% but that’s because I studied all the videos about two weeks before I finally sat down for the test. It’s a lot easier than I thought. It’s a shame they don’t do public listings of GAIQ individuals. That’s the very least they could give for $50

  6. I am preparing for this exam. Can you please let me know whether getting thro’ Conversion University is more than enough or is there anything else?

    Like Google Adwords exam where we’ll get 60% practical and 40% from Google adwords learning center is the same applies to Google analytics certification too?

    1. I would you recommend you actually experience the implementations and debugging yourself to get a better grasp of GA. You may learn the “theory” of it through conversion university, but when there are cause and effect questions (i.e. this happened, what caused it?) then you might get a bit stuck.

      Don’t know exactly what is the percentage split between theory & practical. Best to have a go if you feel you’re ready (confident in providing consulting services to GA implementation) to clients.

  7. It’s beyond bad…That’s so high. Congratulations! :-D

    To think, I got more or less 10 wrong answers ‘coz I failed to prepare much. :-( Though, I passed the exam as well. :-)

    1. Hehe, yeah was quite surprised I got such a high mark. It helped a lot that I had to do a lot of analytics implementations for clients, so got me diving deeper into the technical aspects of it.

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