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Google Analytics Qualified Individual Qualification

Google has finally made available individual qualifications for Google Analytics called well, Google Analytics Individual Qualification. This is great because before, there were only qualifications for companies called Google Analytics Authorised Consultants (GAAC).

All you have to do is pay USD$50 to sit for the IQ test and you’ll need a passing mark of at least 75%. Once you’ve passed, you’ll be registered asĀ  Google Analytics qualified and this qualification lasts for 18 months.

If you fail, you’ll be able to re-take the test (max twice within 30 days).

To prepare, Google has made available online courses that will help equip with the knowledge and skills necessary to be qualified. This will most definitely add value to yourself when looking for jobs as well as add value to the company you’re working for, showing that your company have employees individually qualified with a high skill set and knowledge.

What this qualification means is that you’re a proficient user of Google Analytics and your skills are complete and up to date. Basically, you know what you’re doing when it comes to Google Analytics, be it basic or advanced configurations.

This is similar to the Google Adwords Professional (GAP) qualification, but for Google Analytics.

If you’re working for a company that’s already GAAC qualified, Google will be issuing 2 free test vouchers per company. By the second quarter, each GAAC qualified company must have at least 2 qualified individuals in the company.

So get cracking and rummage through the online courses right away! I know I’ll be doing so :)


  1. Finally, the test is available in Germany, too. I’m about to do the test myself and I most certainly will use the tips that you mentioned in your other post to prepare for the test :-)

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